Presale Campaign Application 提案契约书

    Tell us when you want to start your presale campaign (shall be future time), noted that LIGHTHAOS will need at least 10 working days to review and approve your campaign proposal.
    告诉我们你希望什么时候开始你的计划(必须是未来的时间),Lighthaos将会为你安排审核顺序。 Lighthaos至少需要约十个工作天审核你的提案 。

    Please estimate the amount of funding you will need based on your project's requirements.

    Suggest presale duration not exceeding 90 days 建议预售时长不超过90天

    Please upload a profile photo that is less than 1MB, suggested photo size is 1200 x 675 pixel (16:9), the profile photo can be changed or edited prior to the launch of the online campaign. 请上传小于 1MB 的图片,建议尺寸为 1200 x 675 像素 (16:9),封面图片可在项目上线前再另行编辑修改。

    The purpose of providing this webpage is to allow LIGHTHAOS to review the authenticity and feasibility of your plan, as well as to provide buyers with a better understanding of your project. Therefore, it is essential for you to provide it. If you don't have an official website, relevant web pages such as media coverage or links to social media platforms (e.g., a Facebook page) can be temporarily substituted. 该网页用意是让项目部审查您计划的真实性、可行性,并让发起人能够更了解您的计划,因此请您一定要提供。 若没有官网,相关网页也可以用媒体报导或是社群媒体链接(如:Facebook)暂时替代。

    The video can help us to understand more about your campaign. 附上影片我们才能对计划有更加的了解。 (请上传至 YouTube )