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Book Title : Out of Whack
Author : Dato’ Jayles Yeoh
Language : English
Printing : Full colour
Pages : 184
Publisher : SOMO Publishing

Book Author Introduction

Dr Jayles Yeoh is recognised as a dedicated entrepreneurial-driven educationist. He has devoted more than 20 years of his career to the field of educational market development internationally. Dr Jayles Yeoh is well-known for successfully promoting and rebranding the ‘Malaysia Education’ concept at home and abroad. He continues to play a paramount role by contributing his thought-provoking views on the internationalisation of higher education. He advances this through innovative approaches and new models of programme franchising to education providers worldwide. For his efforts, he was conferred as a Professor of Globalisation by Seokyeong University in South Korea, Professor of Marketing by Beijing Oriental University, and Adjunct Professor of Global Branding Institute, in the USA.

Dr Jayles Yeoh is the President & CEO of AIMSMET Executive Education, which focuses on exporting Lifelong Training & Learning to Asia, ASEAN and the Middle East. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Association of Business Executives in the United Kingdom, which carries the title of FABE. Furthermore, he is the Immediate Past President & Chairman of the Education & Training Bureau of the ASEAN Retail
Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF); Advisor to Malaysia International Exhibition Association (MIEA); Co-Chairman of the International Federation of Chamber & Commerce (IFCC), USA; Honorary Director, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics, Sichuan, China; and Advisor to Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce (MDCC). A proponent and leading voice of lifelong learning development to empower thinking minds, he has been invited regularly to speak across the globe. In 2017, he was invited by the British House of Parliament to present AIMSMET’s thoughts on the need for radical change in global education systems. Back in Jan 2021, he was one of the few Malaysia’s guest speaker on the India Policy Times panel to deliver his thoughts on pioneering a global education system to make Asia a global education hub at the World Education Conference Online 2021.

Book Content

Segment 1
Introduction: A System that is Out of Whack
-Who are We Educating and for What Purpose?
-Are We Prepared to Educate Future Generations?
-Gen-Z is Reshaping the Future
-From Gen Z to the Alpha generation
-Watch Out! The Alphas are Here
-Who are the Change-makers?
-The Challenges Educators are Facing

Segment 2
Summary: Do We Know Where We Are Going?
-Phases of Knowledge
-Reshaping Tomorrow
-Dawn of Robotics
-Recreating Future Leaders
-Winners Take All
-Chains of Sustainability
-Hierarchy of Progress
-Revolutions and Innovations
-The AGES Hub
-Have We Accomplished Much?

Segment 3
Summary: What’s Next for the Alphas?
-Job Hunters or Career Makers?
-Reawakening the Solutions!
-International Career Passports
-Back to School with Joy!
-Taking Executive Learning Differently
-Yes, We Know Where We are Going!
-Epilogue: The Saga Continues

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