《Makan Untuk Kurus》
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Book Title : Makan Untuk Kurus
Author : Junaidi Shukri
Language : Bahasa Melayu
Printing : Full colour
Pages : 204
Publishing : SOMO Publishing

Book Author Introduction

  1.  Top sales in Malaysia for MIME product and being invited to attend International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine in Hokkaido, Japan.
  2. Being a research presenter in 3rd International Food Science Probiotics, Nutrition and Microbiome Conference, Kuala Lumpur
  3. Being invited to give talks in nutrition to many people in private sectors, government ministries, schools and mosques.
  4. Being a co-supervisor for final year students of Nutritional Biochemistry, University Malaya for their thesis projects.
  5. Actively giving talks for public in media social platform Facebook page Konsultan Sihat.

Book Content

Kata Penulis

Teknik 1 Makanan Berenzim
Teknik 2 Kenyang Sebelum Makan
Teknik 3 Menikmati Makanan
Teknik 4 Kapasiti Perut
Teknik 5 Jilat Jari
Teknik 6 Makan Sebelum Lapar
Teknik 7 ‘Bela Saka’
Teknik 8 Tipu Untuk Kenyang
Teknik 9 Air Oh Air
Teknik 10 Berkawan Dengan Bakteria
Teknik 11 Makanan Bertapai
Teknik 12 Aiskrim Untuk Kurus
Teknik 13 Telur dan Kentut
Teknik 14 Pedas Menyengat
Teknik 15 Cuka Masam
Teknik 16 Lemak Untuk Kurus
Teknik 17 Jajan Untuk Slim
Teknik 18 Gula-gula Getah
Teknik 19 Fruit Juicing
Teknik 20 Madu Bermadu

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