《Charting The Unknown》

“Charting the Unknown” explores how global retail and malls navigated pandemic challenges. PMGR Dr KS Wong, a Mall Management Specialist, shares concise insights and strategies for success.


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Product Information

Book Title :Charting The Unknown
Author : PMGR Dr Wong Kong San
Language : English
Printing : Full colour
Pages : Around 200 pages
Publisher : SOMO Publishing


Book Author Introduction

PMGR. Dr. KS Wong 

  • He has over 43 years of experience, having worked in UK, Indonesia , and Malaysia in different sectors of the tourism industry.
  • He earned his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from ELM Graduate School HELP University Malaysia, and his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from University of Derby Business School UK.
  • PMGR Dr KS Wong is currently a Senior General Manager with Sunway Malls and helms the Centre of Excellence for Development Management, Sustainability Governance, Quality Assurance and Business Innovation. He is also a Registered Property Manager, Registered Building Manager, and a Certified Professional Manager and a Certified Corporate Sustainability Profession. 
  • He is regularly invited to be a speaker and guest lecturer, and sits on several Industry Advisory Boards.


Book Content



Chapter 1: The Swans

Chapter 2: The Challenges from the Invisible Foe

                2.1. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

                2.2. Movement Control Orders and National Recovery Plans

Chapter 3: The Moment of Truth

                3.1. Battle Strategies Against the Invisible Foe

                3.2. Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 4: “Operation Dynamo Version 2.0”

                4.1. Finance

                4.2.  Marketing

                4.3.  Operations

                4.4.  COVID Bill

                4.5. Systems Reboot

Chapter 5: Conclusion 

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